Andrii Mishkovskyi - Vacation From Python

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Andrii Mishkovskyi talks about his vacation From Python, at PyGrunn. read more...


zest.releaser 4.0: major update

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zest.releaser has a fresh 4.0 release, with some nice improvements. So, what's new? read more...

Pieter Hintjens: ZeroMQ

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Pieter Hintjens gives the keynote talk about ZeroMQ, at PyGrunn. read more...

Oscar Vilaplana: Orchestrating Python projects using CoreOS

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Oscar Vilaplana talks about Orchestrating Python projects using CoreOS, at PyGrunn. read more...

Lars de Ridder: Advanced REST API's

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Lars de Ridder talks about Advanced REST API's, at PyGrunn. read more...

Erik Groeneveld: Generators

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Erik Groeneveld talks about generators, at PyGrunn.

Bob Voorneveld: Implement Gmail api in our CRM system

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Bob Voorneveld talks about implementing Gmail api in a CRM system, at PyGrunn. read more...