i18n, locales and Plone 3.0

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More and more products are developed as python packages instead of Zope products. This means they should not be put in the Products directory anymore, but in the lib/python/ directory of your instance. How you handle translations has changed a bit because of that. Also with Zope 2.10 and higher the translation machinery has changed a bit. So how should you handle translations now? read more...


Maurits van Rees, BICT

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I am now a Bachelor of ICT!


Discovering GenericSetup

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I looked at GenericSetup trunk recently and I discovered some things I was not yet aware of. read more...


Report on eXtremeManagement

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I finished a report for school about work I did on eXtremeManagement at Zest Software the past months. Biggest parts: getting xm to run on Plone 3.0 and use Zope 3 technologies. Download the report or read the preface, abstract and conclusion. read more...


eXtremeManagement on Plone 3.0

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Part of my big final assignment of my study Informatics is getting eXtremeManagement to run on Plone 3.0 (beta). That is functioning nicely now. Some remarks about what I needed to do for that. read more...


Minimally overwriting a content type

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If you want a new content type slightly different from an existing one, you might be able to use only GenericSetup to accomplish this. Update: 'diff -u' added; alternative way using the ZMI added; point to TemplateContentTypes by Rocky. read more...


Poi, intelligenttext and Plone 3

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Poi has seen some interesting changes recently. Which branch or bundle can you use in combination with which Plone version? An investigation. read more...