Embrace and Extend: The Zope 3 Way

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Use case: extending Quills

New Plone product: roulationpolicy

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Do you want to add a document to a folder that ends up (almost) at the top? Or do you want to roulate/rotate contents of a folder so a different one ends up on top each day or so? Zest Software presents a Plone product that does just that: roulationpolicy. read more...


Annotations for time registration

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eXtremeManagement has gotten an overhaul under the surface. To keep track of actual hours booked and a total of estimates for an Iteration or Story or Task we were using ComputedFields and some ugly methods. We got rid of those. Instead we are now using clean zope 3 style annotations. Why, you ask? read more...

Using interfaces in a Plone Product

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The eXtremeManagement product has seen lots of updates recently. I am writing a report for school about that. I will put the report online as a pdf file when it is ready. But I thought it would be nice to publish some parts in advance. Feedback can help me to make a better report. The intended audience is mostly Plone (partly Zope) developers. The teachers at school who are going to give me a grade for this should also be able to follow it though and they do not know much about Zope and Plone. So this blog entry and some others like it should be fairly readable also for programmers new to Zope and Plone (and python probably). read more...


New version of site

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The new version of my website is live.


My Year at Zest

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I made a report for school, about what I did the past year at my work. read more...


Ubuntu Linux: from Dapper to Edgy

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I just upgraded my desktop and laptop computer from work to the new Ubuntu release. Some notes on the upgrade. read more...