Bob Voorneveld: Implement Gmail api in our CRM system

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Bob Voorneveld talks about implementing Gmail api in a CRM system, at PyGrunn. read more...

Niels Hageman: Reliable distributed task scheduling

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Niels Hageman talks about Reliable distributed task scheduling, at PyGrunn. read more...

Sylvain Viollon: Tornado and IO in Python 3

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Sylvain Viollon talks about Tornado and IO in Python 3, at PyGrunn. read more...

Herman Balsters: Python in Processes, data, contracts

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Herman Balsters talks about Python in Processes, data, contracts, at PyGrunn. read more...

K. Rain Leander: Leveraging Procedural Knowledge

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K. Rain Leander talks about Leveraging Procedural Knowledge, at PyGrunn. read more...


Jeff Knupp: Keynote: Writing idiomatic Python

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Jeff Knupp gives the keynote at Pygrunn: Writing idiomatic Python. read more...

Armin Ronacher: SSL, CAs and keeping your stuff safe

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Armin Ronacher talks about SSL, CAs and keeping your stuff safe, at PyGrunn. read more...