zest.releaser 4.0: major update

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zest.releaser has a fresh 4.0 release, with some nice improvements. So, what's new? read more...


Want to become my colleague?

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My employer Zest Software is looking for a Python programmer. read more...


Summaries Python Users Netherlands meeting in Utrecht

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Meeting of the Python Users Netherlands group. This evening was organised by Nelen & Schuurmans in Utrecht on 16 February 2011. read more...


How to avoid getting a too new Plone version

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Plone 4 is nearing release candidate status, which is good news. But if you currently run a Plone 2/3.0/3.1 website, you do not want some add-on product (like Products.Poi) to surprise you by pulling in this brand new version. How can you make sure you are not caught unawares? Read on for a long example. For the impatient: just pin Plone. read more...


Python Users Netherlands meeting, 24 March 2010

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Summary of the meeting of the Python Users group Netherlands. read more...


A final look at Erik Rose: Plone 3 for Education

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Erik Rose has written a book about: Plone 3 for Education. Here are my final impressions. read more...


Presentations at Zest

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This Friday we had various presentations and food at the Zest Software headquarters. read more...