Maurits van Rees, BICT

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I am now a Bachelor of ICT!


Report on eXtremeManagement

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I finished a report for school about work I did on eXtremeManagement at Zest Software the past months. Biggest parts: getting xm to run on Plone 3.0 and use Zope 3 technologies. Download the report or read the preface, abstract and conclusion. read more...


New Plone product: roulationpolicy

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Do you want to add a document to a folder that ends up (almost) at the top? Or do you want to roulate/rotate contents of a folder so a different one ends up on top each day or so? Zest Software presents a Plone product that does just that: roulationpolicy. read more...


My Year at Zest

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I made a report for school, about what I did the past year at my work. read more...


Report on practice at Zest

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My practice at Zest Software is finished. I had a great time there and will continue to have that as I will be working there for the rest of my study. That should be another one to one and a half years. I also finished my report on that practice. You can download the report. I will put the full text of the summary here. read more...