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eXtremeManagement of Projects in Plone

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by Maurits van Rees from Zest Software. Eh, yes, that's me. :) read more...

Integrating Twisted with existing frameworks

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by Mr. Moshe Zadka (B-hive Networks)

Europython 2006 overview

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Ajax, state of the art

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by Tarek Ziade, from Nuxeo


Report on practice at Zest

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My practice at Zest Software is finished. I had a great time there and will continue to have that as I will be working there for the rest of my study. That should be another one to one and a half years. I also finished my report on that practice. You can download the report. I will put the full text of the summary here. read more...


Liddell Hart's History of the Second World War

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I have just finished reading a book by Captain B.H. Liddell Hart. It's his History of the Second World War. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in warfare. It offers a strategic insight into all the major battles. Why were they fought? How clever or stupid was that? What errors were made in the execution? Which unexpected event made every plan useless? What brilliant moves were made? What would have been better? Here are some general remarks and examples based on that book. read more...


How to organize a fair election

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The Christian Science Monitor has a good piece on fair elections. read more...


BBC under fire

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The BBC not only reports the news, but lately has been the topic of news itself. Herewith a few interesting articles. read more...