Sprint report Saturday

published Nov 01, 2014

Report on sprints on Saturday at the Plone Conference 2014 in Bristol.

See list on https://titanpad.com/5oi4wTa0oP

p.a.contenttypes: working on custom type migration, Topic migration, portlets, working on broken diffs for various content types

Mosaic: lots of bug fixing, field tiles are working, tomorrow application tiles.

Working on theming editor so it works on Plone 5. Showing people how everything works together. Plans on improving stuff.

Clean Diazo theme. Slimmed Mockup repo. Resource Registry is tricky, migration.

plone.api: work on getting PLIP out for inclusion in core. Adding new modules. We ate the chocolate.

Heroku: some stuff got pushed. Idea for demo pack for the paragon add-ons.

plone.login: password strength as pattern, wrapping forms to make it easier to customize, control panel to indicate where it should be redirected to after login.

Plone testing: migrating Products.contentmigration to plone.app.testing.

CI/Jenkins: setting pipelines to get a quicker response.

Documentation: no more magic in the repo, working versioning, docs for Plone 3.3 now look like Plone 3.3, busy killing grok examples, 12 or 14 new contributors today.

Plone training: came up with plan to improve the story, plan for automated screen shots. Maybe reintroduce the old theme editor from David Glick, as for now that is easier.

Themes on docs.plone.org. Version and language switcher.

Rapido: fighting with mockup theme editor. New field type for Rapido.

Plone control panels: figuring out how to fix loose ends, work underway.

PloneEDU: new folder at https://plone.org/edu. Docs on configuring, case studies.

Intranet: getting everyone up to speed, get buildouts running, code and communications, patternslib intro, migrating Plone Intranet to Plone 5a2, updated documentation, design driven approach is a bit different than people are used to so we talked about that, investigating how we can best use Plone's form handling mechanisms with forms that are completely defined in an html design, checking our conceptual thinking, looking at switching between Diazo themes on the fly.

Japanese bugfixes: quite a few mugs were fixed, see you next year in Tokyo.

Existdb: making integration possible.

Installers: providing moral support to Eric as he was releasing, documentation driven development, ansible build kit documentation nearing completion at https://github.com/plone/ansible-playbook, docker documentation at https://github.com/plone/plone.docker, please read those and give us feedback telling us if it is clear and makes sense.

RESTful json api. Added notes from open space, rough description of Hydra, work on json api for news items and folders, and for search which is really hard to do.

Ecosystem KGS, add-ons installing through the web: getting information, looks promising.

2020 discussion: Sally is gathering all the sticky notes that people wrote.

Plone releasing: releasing packages, people: please add changelog entries for changes that you do.