PLOG: new work

published Apr 08, 2015

Víctor Fernández de Alba talks about the work on the new site that is in the works.

It is on, but you need to login immediately. Your account does not work yet.

Does it still make sense to do it in Plone 4 instead of Plone 5? Eric: let's get it out there soon. So Plone 4.

I have been looking at lot at the theme. I am now bored by it. Do you feel the same? Should we create a more modern theme? Still lots of columns. Moving banner / carousel. Seems still good.

Paul: It should say: the community is great. Community news, sprints, big button for the news letter.

Display some technical metrics, like number of committers, pulling info from github, twitter, etc. Refresh them nightly.

Philosophy behind it? Community site, for contributors and users. Profile page for users. Reach out to existing and new community members.

Look at Tell people how to contribute.

There needs to be a spot for say the Plone Foundation, where the boring bits like meeting notes get stored. So kind of a traditional site, not brochureware.

On top a bar, same as for the national Plone sites.

Dropdown menu: maybe not.

Get across that people are constantly working on it. Some activity stream?

What are main issues that still need to be done?

  • Profile pages, badges, from collective.roster, integrate it. collective.workspace (for teams) can help too. Badges for being on a team.
  • Design those badges.
  • Big photos planned for profile page. Aren't developers too shy for that? I expect bad photo quality. People will submit photos of kangaroos. With small photo you get a lot of empty space. We may need a redesign of this page.
  • Theme related issues.
  • Finish contributor and community member page.
  • Get it out. When it is still a future project, people will be less inclined to participate in remaining tasks. Finish critical stuff, worry about the rest later.
  • PLIPs: we will do that on github.
  • LDAP. Steve is our resident LDAP guru.

There is a ploneorg.core issue tracker:

Some content will be lost. This was decided earlier. Of course the product pages from PloneSoftwareCenter. We need to keep a copy of other pages somewhere, like the old World Plone Day pages. See if someone complains. We did not want to automate migrating the old mess.

All kinds of forms, for example for ordering marketing material, could be added. Currently, just mail the Plone board, they handle it. So not needed for now.

Profile is intended to be a canonical, non-judgemental list of things you have done for Plone. Might need input from Plone embassadors, as not everyone will for example answer questions on stackoverflow in English, but they may do cool things locally.

Team: Víctor, Paul, Gil, Christina, Fulvio.