Want to become my colleague?

published Feb 01, 2013

My employer Zest Software is looking for a Python programmer.

My French colleague Vincent Pretre is leaving Zest Software. I am sad to see him go, but finally the pull of family, mountains and cheese that also tastes good outside of a tosti was just too strong. So we are looking for someone to replace him, otherwise we will have too much work to do.

Basically we want someone with about the same skill set as him or me. The most important thing is that you need to be competent and happy when programming in Python. We build websites based on Plone or Django, so being skilled in one or both of those is good. If you do not have experience with those two frameworks, but you like a challenge, do contact us. Learning is definitely part of the job.

I have worked for Zest for seven years now and am still enjoying it. First of all, we have a small, but good team. Jean-Paul Ladage is the boss, with lots of years of Zope and Plone experience, and a knack for figuring out what the customer needs instead of what he wants, and explaining that to the development team. Fred van Dijk keeps a clear head when helping clients with lots of websites and servers, and figuring out if a feature or bug can be dealt with using standard Plone and add-ons or if Vincent or I as programmers should have a go at it. Thom van Ledden did lots of styling for us, though he won't have much time anymore as he will be busy finishing his studies. Daniel Ferreira is doing marketing for us. Every day we lunch together.

I like that I get to do lots of programming the whole week. I can concentrate on Plone, and some Django, and also a bit of Grok come to think of it, while Jean-Paul and Fred keep most customers out of my hair -- and the other way around. Contact with customers is fine, just not too many on one day. :-) I enjoy myself the most when working on a project means improving core Plone or add-ons, and that regularly happens.

So: if you are looking for a Python job with a good team in Rotterdam (Hoogvliet) contact us.