Friday Lightning Talks

published Oct 14, 2022

Lightning talks at the Plone Conference 2022 in Namur, Belgium.

Fabio Kaiser Rauber: Interlegis Infrastructure

From Brazil. Interlegis is a program to merdernise and integrate the Brazilian Legislative Power. Hosted at a federal data center.

Small team requires more efficient processes. Automation is key to maintain quality. We started with shell scripts, then Puppet, then Docker in Rancher 1.0., then Ranger 2.1-2.3, now Rather 2.5. VMWare vSphere cloud native storage. So we use Kubernetes, more complex, but more powerful.

Helm is the packer manager for Kubernetes, allows templating of Kubernetes yaml files. You get Helm Charts.


Guido Stevens

In Ferrara we hatched a plan for world domination with Quaive. First step: The city of Namur will deploy a Quaive intranet next week.

Sorry I was not at the conference: I got married a few weeks ago.

Nicola Zambello: Introducing plone-remix

Working to minimalise the impact of IT on the environment. Remix is a full stack javascript web framework based on react-router. Everything is a form. #usetheplatform.

Now we have plone-remix. SSF-first with partial hydration. I need something light weight. plone-remix is a Plone front end with TypeScript, css framework agnostic. A catch-all route for contents, i18n, it is a Plone Rest API client

See and demo:

Franco Pellegrini: Python blockchain conference

Mikko Ohtamaa asked me to show you this video. He organises the first Python blockchain conference. It is remote and free



Default page content type is replaced by new one where you can add text sections. Demo.

Steve Piercy: Documentation

Git clone, do make install and make livehtml and you have a live preview on your computer while you are improving the documentation.

The search is much nicer, you can see in which context results are, and you can filter.

We hope to have a Dark Theme available soon.

Jens Klein: Plone mental model

See the Plone core development docs.

You have Products.CMFPlone at the top, then the core, then plone.base, and then other base packages. On top of CMFPlone you have for example restapi, working copy support. With this model in mind, you can start thinking about what really needs to be in core.

Jon Pentland: volto-plone-reloader

This makes plone.reload available via Volto.


Joël Lambilotte: François et Djoseph. And IMIO.

This is a statue near this building. There is a snail in a box, and they are afraid it gets out, because Namur people are called slow.

IMIO is a public company with 5 million euros revenue. 15% growth, 50 employees.

eDemocracy and FLOSS appeals to municipalities. Decisions of the public government are now automatically published. Unique project in Europe.

Neyts Zupan: Nix

How do I install Python? Elm? I need it to develop on cd into the directory, boom, I have the correct versions. Also for black, gecko driver, etc. The magic is Nix.

Maurits van Rees: Plone future

I work at Zest in the Netherlands, but live in Belgium now. I am starting my own company. No website yet, but you can mail me at I will have no clients at the beginning, so I will have lots of time for core Plone at first. So Plone 6 will be finished within a week, and then I will get bored. So I have some ideas for the Plone future that I could work on. Maybe you could help during the sprints.

  • Policies for CMFEditions.
  • revisionmanager: allow purging all revisions older than 1 year
  • Image transform chain. See my focal points talk last year.
  • Make the code more Pythonic, use the walrus operator, etcetera.
  • More separation between backend and frontend, also in Classic.
  • Can Classic UI call the Rest API more?
  • Move all Classic UI code (p.a.layout/portlets/etc) into plone.classicui "mono repo".
  • Only load GS in zcml when is available. Or some flag.
  • Toolbar by default at the top
  • Store the catalog in Postgres. Add-on. One per Plone site. <plone-site-id>_catalog . Integrate with querystring operators? NickJS (from Rob) does this. Replace the @search endpoint?
  • Get rid of relation catalog and intids, use a utility comparable to Migration. Run side by side for comparison?
  • Unify viewlets and portlets into slots / blocks.
  • Auto save when editing a page. Or a block. Or only in TinyMCE or Slate.

Eric Brehault: Add GSOC ideas

We have lots of ideas for cool things in Plone. So add ideas for Google Summer of Code. Do not be lazy, file an idea, go for a mentorship.

Mikel Larreategi: plone i18n

Let's play a game with the language Kaixo. Kaixo means hello. Agur means Bye. Long string of word: "next year in our country". We come from the Basque country between Spain and France. Welcome in October/November next year.

Kim: Thank you

Thank you organisers from IMIO and Affinitic, and the city of Namur. This has been three years in the making. It was wonderful to meet each other after a long, long time.