Maurits van Rees

published May 21, 2007, last modified Jan 26, 2023

You are welcome at my website.

The main content here is a weblog, mostly about programming and web development (Python, Zope, Plone). There can be an occasional book review or a thought about life with God, but you need to go several years back for that. Possibly you can find some writings in Dutch from me.

Most of the contents of this site are in English, some in Dutch.

Who am I?

My name is Maurits van Rees. Being born in The Netherlands, I now live in Antwerp, Belgium, with my wife Fiorella, daughter Nika, and son Tobias.

I work for Zest, a small web development company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We use Python CMS Plone to make websites for our Dutch and Belgian clients.

Since January 2023 you can also hire me via my own company: Py76.

I am one of the Plone Release Managers, and am on the Plone Security Team.

Find me on the Internet


Bekijk deze website in het Nederlands.