Lightning talks Friday

published Oct 06, 2023

Lightning talks on Friday at Plone conference 2023, Eibar, Basque Country.

Jakob Kahl: Beethoven Sprint

We will again host the Beethoven Sprint in Bonn, 13-17 May 2024.

Lukas: PloneGov-BR

Plone portal from Brasil.

1.2 billion page view per year, 28 sites, 800k+ content items.

Plone conference Brasilia 18-24th November 2024.

Victor Fernandez de Alba: Volto PLIPs

PLone Improvement Proposals for Volto. See on GitHub.

Mikel Larreategi: Version inspection

What to do when Maurits tells you to update five packages with security fixes? We made a product for this. DigitalOcean API to get all the project lists, scp to get the instance files (bin.instance, yarn.lock), and search.

CodeSyntax: #PrettyEibar awards ceremony

The winner is Kim Nguyen with a picture of a blue house.

Michael McFadden: Have you heard about Tau?

The Tau manifesto. Tau is 2 times pie. Pie is only half the story. 1 tau is 1 turn. Much easier to teach to children. See

Kim Nguyen: Do you want customers?

Do you want glory? Do you want to help Plone? Help Plone help you. Get your Plone provider listing today!

Go to and register.

Dylan Jay: Python meetups

In 2014 I moved from Australia to Bangkok. I started a meetup for Python. We are at meetup 94 now. There is a PyCon in Thailand December 13-15 this year.

Do you live in a town that does not have Python meetups? Create one! Build it and they will come. You need a venue. Anyone who is interested in developers, can help you. How do you get people to talk: twist their arm, get them drunk. Have two short talks rather than one big one.

The Python foundation now pays for meetups. You can use, but you do not have to. You need a code of conduct. I needed a page, I used pyscript, Python in the browser.

Philip Bauer: Erico, I want a beer

Erico promised me a beer if I did something useful for him. Open an Plone site, do exportimport, you can now export it to one file per item.

Mikel Larreategi: Some random things

I had ideas for talks, but did not do it, so quickly they are here. 

pas.plugins.oidc. Created by Mauro Amico. OpenID Connect is a layer of identification. You can install the PAS plugin in Plone and talk to such a server [works in a test setup for me as well, Maurits]. Works with various identity providers, like Google Workspace, Keycloak, EU Login. Click a link, redirect to the provider and identify there, callback, internal connection to provider, user is created in Plone and group management granted. We use it in production in two scenarios. See

Lichess: Open source chess server. Free, free, free, no ads, no tracking. 93M games played last month. I wanted to translate it into Basque. They use CrowdIn. Can we use something similar for Plone? Weblate maybe? We use this at CodeSyntax. Perhaps I will work on this the coming months for the core Plone translations.

This Plone conference started at Beethovensprint 2022. Last of of the sprint, after last dinner, with last beer in our hands, a few guys were there and approached us: "You are going to organise the conference, right?"

Thank you everyone!