Plone Foundation annual meeting

published Oct 06, 2023

Open annual meeting of the Plone Foundation membership at Plone conference 2023, Eibar, Basque Country.

This year the Foundation membership voted in favour of a change to the bylaws, making it more inclusive, and moving to two cohorts for the Plone Foundation board, each cohort serving for two years.

New Foundation members this year: Mauro, Tanya, Jan, Karel, André, Brian, Joao, Martin. We have 100 active members from 21 countries. It you are an emeritus member and want to reactivate, contact the board.

There is a new contributor agreement process, more digital now, not fully automated yet, but easier to handle. There were 43 real new contributors, not including some hopeful GSoc students that never did anything. There were 5 real active GSoc students, thank you for your work, and thank you Google for sponsoring this. Others see that we are handling this well as organisation. And we try to bring the students here to the conference to present their work. Unfortunately there are strict rules in the EU making it hard to get visa for everyone.

Election for the next Plone Foundation Board of Directors. The result of the vote is in. For a one year term: Brian Davis, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland. For a two year term: Eric Brehault, Guido Stevens, Mikel Larreategi. Congratulations. Thank you outgoing directors: William, Jens, T. Kim and Erico.

Meeting adjourned.