Switch your skin if you are logged in

published Jan 28, 2008, last modified Jan 30, 2008

With collective.editskinswitcher 0.2 you can now also switch your skin if you are logged in.

I improved collective.editskinswitcher again. For explanation on what it is, see my first blog entry about it.

You could already get a different skin (presumably for editors) when you are visiting your Plone Site with an edit url, like edit.yourdomain.com.

Now you can also get that edit skin when you are logged in. More precisely: when you have the __ac cookie. This does not work when you are logged in with basic authentication, in other words: via the ZMI.

This is controlled by two new properties in the portal_properties/editskin_switcher.

  • based_on_url: when True (the default) you get the behaviour described earlier.
  • need_authentication: when True you need to be logged in before your skin is switched. By default this is set to False. This looks for the __ac cookie that Plone gives you when logged in. Note: logging in via the Zope Management Interface is handled without cookies, so the editskin switcher regards you as anonymous then.

You can combine the two behaviours if you want. If they are both True, then you need to have the right url and you need to be logged in.

When both are False, nothing happens: then you might as well simply uninstall this product as it is not useful.