Grok sprint wrapup Sunday

published May 04, 2008

I will just briefly list what has been done.

  • Jasper and Reinout finished work on traversable stuff.
  • We have ordered containers.
  • Peter and Christian Klinger worked on caching response headers.
  • The grok.url method got cleaned up.
  • In grok.require you can point to a Permission class.
  • A lot got done for Relational Database integration with SQLAlchemy, without actually needing a lot of code.
  • We have a sample implementation for a BREAD/CRUD application; will be checked into the grokapps subversion section.
  • We worked on KSS integration.
  • We talked about resource directories and the static directory.
  • Peter made a sample application and tutorial about skins and layers.
  • Philipp released grokcore.component and merged the needed changes to core grok.
  • Wim made a mockup for the Grok homepage.
  • A lot of documentation was written. Automation is done using grokdocs.
  • z3c.testsetup/grok.testing was added by Uli.
  • "Zope 2 stuff" was worked on by Godefroid and Eric. So five.grok.
  • JW and Philipp worked on martian directives. Three merges need to happen, which we will work on now. Makes it easier to write new directives and easier to get information from directives. All existing third party grokkers will then not more work anymore; we feel it is still early enough to do this, but the merge should happen sooner rather than later.
  • Christian Theuni worked on the testrunner and the zodb.