published May 20, 2011, last modified Jun 07, 2011

Links to all my summaries of talks at the PyGrunn conference.

On 20 May 2011 Paylogic and Goldmund Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe hosted the second PyGrunn conference in Groningen, The Netherlands. The conference was about the Python programming language and related technologies. There were two and sometimes three tracks of talks. Here are links to the summaries I made. See my brother's weblog for his (partially overlapping) summaries.

  1. Mijn Overheid: Performance testing in practice, by Rix Groeneboom
  2. Lightweight Python deployment servers, by Luit van Drongelen
  3. Mobile Architectures, by Gideon de Kok
  4. Making large, untested code bases testable, by Henk Doornbos
  5. Redis in Practice, by Pieter Noordhuis
  6. ØMQ (Zero MQ), by Òscar Vilaplana
  7. The ten commandments of security, by Jobert Abma
  8. State of webdev in Python, keynote by Armin Ronacher