Òscar Vilaplana: ØMQ

published May 20, 2011, last modified Jun 07, 2011

Summary of talk at the PyGrunn conference.

Òscar Vilaplana (Paylogic) talks about ØMQ (Zero MQ), at the PyGrunn conference in Groningen, The Netherlands. Organized by Paylogic and Goldmund Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe.

0MQ is sockets how it should be. Bindings are available in many, many languages, including Python. Of course messaging looks simple: you send a message and the guy on the other end receives it! Well, it still requires work. But 0MQ is indeed simple. (In python: import zmq). Messages are sent in the background. You have a queue. If the receiver is not there, the message just stays in the queue longer.

Messages are strings and they have a length. With multiparts they can have a sender. You can send through TCP or UDP. You can publish and subscribe. You send messages down a pipeline. As infrastructure you can choose a queue, a forwarder or a streamer.

You can poll from a 0MQ socket or a regular TCP socket or stdin.

Code from this talk: http://oscarvilaplana.cat/zmqtalk.tar.gz