New version of site

published May 23, 2007, last modified Jun 04, 2007

The new version of my website is live.

My website has got a rather thorough refreshing. The contents have not really changed. But underneath the surface a lot has been improved.

At first my website was running on the web application framework Zope 2.7. Now I have Zope 2.9 and the CMS (Content Management System) Plone 2.5. Two other important new parts are the weblog product Quills and LinguaPlone. I am using Quills for this weblog and for the weblog (podcast) of Dutch sermons from my church. With LinguaPlone I make sure that English and Dutch translations of content are visible at the right time.

Old links should still work, possibly through redirects.  Should you find any broken links here or on other sites, please tell me. The official location of the atom feeds has changed by the way. So if you are using them, please change to the new locations (visible in the portlet when you view the weblog).

I hope you enjoy the new site!