Multimedia in Plone

published Oct 10, 2007, last modified Jan 30, 2008

Plone conference 2007, Naples. Speaker: Nate Aune

Plone conference 2007, Naples. Speaker: Nate Aune

Plone has rss 1.0. This does not support enclosures, so not podcasting. Plone4Artists improves this. It uses Zope 3 technologies: it does not introduce new content types. You can just use it to adapt existing content types.

Plone4ArtistsSite wraps together a few of the Plone4Artists products.

We went from CMFAudio (CMF) via ATAudio (Archetypes) to Plone4Artists (Zope 3). Instead of ATAudio, ATVideo, ATPhoto we just have default content types like ATFile, ATImage, ATLink and adapt it to our needs with Plone4ArtistsAudio/Video, etc.

Example sites:,,,, and since last Thursday...!

Id3 metadata is automatically extracted by Plone4Artists and when you edit them they are written back to the audio file. That is cool.

With WebDav you can upload audio content to Plone.

You can turn a SmartFolder into a podcast.

Uploading large files is tedious in Zope. To improve this you now have ZipFileTransport, PloneFlashUpload and Tramline.

More info:

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