Now on Technorati (or not)

published Oct 11, 2007, last modified Jan 30, 2008

By popular request

As Christian Scholz and Reinout van Rees requested, I have now added technorati tags to my post and claimed my blog at Now my posts should show up there as well, increasing the post count especially for the Plone conference 2007 (tag: ploneconf2007). This post is actually one step in the process to claim my blog at technorati.

To make it more applicable to plone, here is some code that I added to Quills (which is the weblog product I use) so the posts get the proper technorati tags. This is code for the file.

Technorati tags:

      Link to the topic

See my Technorati Profile. Update: Technorati does not seem to pick this post up yet though. Maybe I just have to be patient.