Plone 3.0 and instancemanager

published Oct 16, 2007, last modified Jan 30, 2008

Two quick instancemanager configs for using Plone 3.0

Buildout is all the rage now in Zope and Plone land. I am using it more and more myself. But instancemanager still works fine for me too. I heard someone having problems getting instancemanager working with 3.0, so here are two config files for that.

First with the official Plone 3.0 tar file:

zope_version = '2.10.4'
archivebundle_sources = [
         internalBundles=['Products', 'lib']),

internalBundles is the key here. It tells instancemanager that the tar ball has two directories that have products in them. Not those directories but only their contents should be put in the correct directories in the instance. Since one of those directories is called lib instancemanager knows that it has to put its contents in the lib directory of the instance instead of in Products.

And here is a version using svn checkouts, also showing an alternative way to specifying the dictionaries:

zope_version = '2.10.4'
symlinkbundle_sources = [
    {'url': ''},
    {'url': '',
     'pylib': True},

Here pylib tells instancemanager to link the contents into the lib/python directory.