Sprinting like a Statue

published Aug 28, 2010

Statuesque Deco Tiles in Arnhem.

I went for one day to the Living Statues Sprint in Arnhem, The Netherlands, hosted by Four Digits. I saw lots of new things:

  • plone.app.collections: much more lightweight way to do Collections in Plone, probably included by default in Plone 4.1.
  • plone.app.contentlisting: small package that should make it easier to have a listing of either brains or content items, making the standard Plone templates that do these listings much smaller.
  • plone.app.standardtiles: package that implements lots of small bits and pieces of content that are already in Plone, but now in a more general way. They partly are like portlets, partly viewlets. These tiles (for example a content listing tile, which I worked on with Ralph) can be added to the layout of dexterity content types. It is a really flexible way of adding small pieces of html to your page. It is experimental for Plone 4; probably this will be how Plone 5 will work, using the Deco grid system.

Nice to have a look at the future of Plone. But first Plone 4.0, which should be out real soon now.