Chrissy Wainwright: State of the Plone Community

published Oct 25, 2021

Keynote talk by Chrissy Wainwright at the online Plone Conference 2021.

The community surrounding the Plone Foundation is an integral part in the success of Plone, and is what continually draws us to meet together for conferences and sprints.

Plone Foundation President Chrissy Wainwright talks about what the community has meant to her, the current state of the community, and what our hopes are for the future.

Each conference is a family reunion for us. It is also about swapping pants, borrowing flags, playing accordeon, drinking a barrel of saki, sword fights, or trying to get a katana on a plane.

Plone has a Steering Circle now, where team leaders and others meet, and discuss what is happening currently in Plone and where we are going. If you have questions for these meetings, please send them. The next one is next Friday during this conference. has lots of training material, including the updated trainings from last weekend.

We have two podcasts now: the Plone podcast and the Plone Newsroom.

Sprints are meetings in person where we code, document, discuss. Covid has made this mostly impossible, but some online sprints were held. This online conference is being followed by people on a sprint in Sorrento, Italy.

My first talk was in 2009 about viewlets in Plone 3. I realized that due to my work for SixFeetUp I was learning parts of Plone that not everyone else knew. Since then I have done lots of talks, and have been on the Plone Foundation Board for seven years. My current term will be my last, so I can focus more on my family. I won't go anywhere: I will continue to use Plone.

Get involved! How can you help Plone?

Tips for gettings started:

  • Even small contributions are helpful.
  • Don't complain about things that do not work as you expect. Open an issue instead. Document a workaround.
  • Ignore the imposter syndrome. Lots of Plone people will be happy to help you.

I am looking forward to many more Plone memories.