Érico Andrei: The case for Plone Distributions

published Oct 30, 2014, last modified Nov 16, 2014

Talk by Érico Andrei at the Plone Conference 2014 in Bristol.

In some cases there are many sites that are almost the same, for example universities using Plone EDU. Different look and feel, different content, same base.

At Simples Consultoria we have been successful in dealing with this market.

Marketing Plone is very hard. It can do so much, is so flexible, how are you going to market that to a specific audience.

Marketing a solution is easier. If a client wants an intranet, I am not going to tell him that we made a portal for the Brazilian government.

Customizing Plone should not be hard. Distributions should be first class citizens. Offer a download specifically for educations or for an intranet on plone.org. The code we use to make the standard installers, VMs, packages, should be there for distributions too.

We need documentation, tests. We would love to have help with Jenkins and stuff.

Talk the customer's language, know their needs. For example PloneGov and local initiatives.

Something like the Plone Intranet Consortium is the very best thing that happened to Plone in a long time. We need to work like this. Companies should act together. Plone and Intranet are a perfect match. Bring new people to Plone. Companies will save Plone. We love Plone, but Plone needs customers and companies.

Watch the video of this talk.