Plone Foundation meeting

published Oct 31, 2014

Annual meeting of the Plone Foundation at the Plone Conference 2014 in Bristol.

Present: Alexander, Andy, Cris, Érico, Paul, Steve from the board, plus lots of foundation members.

Paul opens the meeting. Everyone is welcome, only members can vote.

Items on the agenda: the old board leaves, new board enters, annual report.

Thank you ambassadors. We had new members, let's give them an applause. Thank you sponsors. Thank you sprint organisers and sponsors. The Foundation sponsors sprints, but that is only a beginning amount to help start things off.

We made a slight loss, we are not super rich, but we are secure. We have seen that the more money we spend the more money comes in, so I recommend to continue that.

Steve moves acceptance of the annual report, Philip seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

New board: seven nominations for seven positions, so no elections needed. If you prefer elections, run for the board, we love it.

Steve moves to appoint the board. Érico seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Thank you to the outgoing board members, Érico, Andy, Spanky.

Welcome new board members: T. Kim Nguyen, Chrissy Wainwright, and Carol Ganz, who join Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Steve McMahon, and Cris Ewing.

Officers will be appointed in the board meeting next week.

Chris C. moves to adjourn the meeting, several people second. Unanimously approved. Meeting is adjourned until next year. Place is hardly a secret, but will be announced later today.

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