Lightning talks Thursday

published Oct 24, 2019

The Thursday Lightning talks at the Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara.

Michele Finelli: cappellacci

My second of three easy pieces on Ferrara.

Now about cappellacci, or caplaz in the local dialect. No, it is not tortelloni or tortellini, please.

Pasta filled with pumpkin is a tradition of manu parts or Northern Italy, but easily butter and grated cheese. With vegetables? Not if you want to avoid getting arrested.

And remember: spaghetti a la bolognese does not exist.

Jens Klein: yafowil, declarative forms

Yet Another Form Widget Library. It is now a drop in replacement for z3c.form, by activating the yafowil behavior per portal type.

For example usage, we have an example package. And documentation.

Federico Campoli: Postgres carbonara

Spaggheti carbonara, the PostgreSQL way. Lots of SQL code and demo.

Code is in a gist.

Eric Brehault: PLIPs

PLIPs are PLone Improvement Proposals. There are no PLIPs at the moment. A lot is happening in Volto, but that is outside core.

If you submit, should you do the work yourself? No! You can, but it is not needed. Just give ideas to people who can develop it. Please do not hesitate.

There is a PLIP about the Dublin Core metadata behavior. This is a meta behavior for four others. This may change. If you have a concern about this, please add your thoughts to the PLIP.

Asko Soukka: robot tests

Robot framework is a way to automate tests. You can combine this with Jupyter notebooks. It can help you write better tests, including auto completion. See

Sven Strack and Erico Andrei: Jekyll and Hyde

How to rank Plone events. So many years, so many pictures. How do you compare pants and pools?

There can only be one answer. Food!

  • Bronze medal: Awesome Tokyo, Plone conference 2018.
  • Runner up: Somni Català, Barcelona Plone conference 2017.
  • Honorable mention: The Plone Cake, Boston Plone Conference 2016.
  • The winner is: Red Turtle Tiramisu, Ferrara Plone conference 2019.

Paul Grünewald: Digital Signage and Plone

[Note from Maurits: I expected this to go about digital signatures, but it is about showing signs on monitors, for example to inform your visitors.]

University Dresden. Content types for monitors, slide sets and slides. Contents: text, images, timetables, fullscreen video, ticker. Editing WYSIWYG inline using CKEditor, preview, scheduling

Code: tud.addons.monitor

Sven Strack: Docs analytics

Margot Bloomstein: "If we don't know if our documentation is successful, how will we know what we need to do to improve it?"

For the Plone docs we use an overwatch dashboard. Alerts when files on have not been updated in a year. Open issues and PRs. Accessitility, performance, speed. Graphana, Prometeus, Matomo.

Christine Baumgartner and Ilvy: Alpine City Strategic Sprint 2020

Side note: German symposium "Plone Tagung" March next year in Dresden. See

11 tot 14 februari in Innsbruck, Austria, come sprint with us (and enjoy beautiful and snowy Austria):

Rob Gietema: Volto form editor

I said there wasn't a form editor. But actually there is a schema editor. Saved to JSON schema. No backend implementation, but maybe we can sprint on this.