Panel: Ask Me Anything on Volto

published Oct 24, 2019

Panel to ask anything on Volto at the Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara.

Is Volto compatible with Guillotina? Not 100 percent. Question is how we keep the APIs in sync. If people figure out a shared generic API that works with both Plone and Guillotina as backend, this can work.

How do you migrate? You can migrate from Plone 4.3 to Volto. We did that with transmogrifier. Biggest problem is moving composite pages, like cover, to the Volto blocks. In a post migration step, you can fix things up.

Why Semantic UI? Rob researched all the popular ones, concentrating on how easy it is to theme or override stuff. Semantic UI makes this easy. You derive from a theme, and only override some parts.

For add-ons, how do you keep the backend part in sync with the frontent part? You don't. You use Python packages in the backend and node packages in the frontend. There will probably be a lot of packages that are only in the backend or only in the frontend. You may need to be careful in the frontend so that it can work with several versions of the backend of this add-on.

TypeScript has won the JavaScript wars. Will you support that? We don't want to support two ways of doing the same thing. So if we switch to TypeScript, we want to stop using ES6, also in the documentation. Same for class based versus function based.

Did you check accessibility? Yes. We have a static code checker ALM that helped us fix issues. Also the Cyprus tool. But we also do manual checks. Plone Foundation is trying to get funding for an audit.