Open Plone Board Meeting

published Oct 25, 2019

Board Meeting at the Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara.

See the annual report.

Jen Myers has graciously offered to stay on next year as treasurer.

The Zope Foundation has been added to the Plone Foundation. Still ongoing, complex process.

With the Pylons community, those talks have stalled at the moment. Might happen in the future.

Financially we lost more money than we usually do. There was a trademark conflict that cost a lot more than we thought.

Some money should come from the Zope Foundation by the way.

Results of the vote for the board.

48 valid votes, one invalid. 2 went to the spam folder, but we found them. 30 percent of votes were in paper.

We had a vote by the foundation membership. Voted into the Plone board have been: Victor, Erico, Chrissy, Andy, Paul, Jens, Fulvio.

Meeting closed by Paul.

Thanks to Alexander, Kim and Carol who are leaving the board.