Lightning talks Wednesday

published Oct 23, 2019, last modified Oct 24, 2019

The Wednesday Lightning talks at the Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara.

Michele Finelli: Salama

This week I will do three easy pieces on Ferrara. And a rant.

You need to read this book: La Salama da Sugo. Salama = ninino (pig). This food is cooked, for a very long time, so the fat goes away. You do NOT eat it with bread. Eat it with purè, like mashed potatoes but better.


A conference about web tools in Python. In Munich Germanu in May this year. We have many Plone talks and a training. See you next year?

Asko Soukka: plonetheme.webpacktemplate

One more way to theme your Plone. Webpack development server. Live demo. This is how we themed all our Plone 5 sites.


Sally and Kim: Plone Open Garden 2020

April 19-26 2020 in Sorrento, Italy. Registration is open soon.


Armin Stross-Radschinski: Search in Docs matter

(I lost a camera, if you find it, please give it to me.)

The default search in Sphinx really sucks. Local JavaScript, ugly, not translation proof.

Pretty live search with Algolia. Commercial SAAS engine. Free for open source docs.

It is already implemented for It uses Algolia, but not properly setup yet. Join my in a sprint on this!


Maik Derstappen: plonecli

We did a lot of work continuing on plonecli, the Plone command line client. Talk in detail tomorrow. If you are new to backend development in Plone, you should have a look.


Nejc Zupan: PyCon Balkan

We will do a Python conference in Slovenia. 18-20 April 2020 in Ljubljana, and three days of sprints afterwards. A track for web and data science. Also a workshop track. Come with the family. Everybody speaks English. We will do some excursions before.

Alexander Pilz and Johannes Raggam: py-spy

Debugging performance issue in production. We usually use Products.LongRequestLogger, it gives you the backtraces of long-taking requests on your server. But it is not compatible with WSGI and Python 3.

py-spy is non-intrusive. Just pip install py-spy. And then py-spy top and other commands. You can make flame graphs. You can attach it to a running process and get information from it.


Michael Töpf: React

Video with Manuel Bieh on the hype of React and why it is taking over the UI development.