published Nov 30, 2010, last modified Oct 25, 2011

Read a preview of what may become a novel by me.

Every year the month of November is proclaimed National Novel Writing Month. This originally started in America, but it has gone international since. In essence it is a competition against yourself. You have got thirty days to write a short novel of fifty thousand words. That is roughly 175 pages. There is no jury that reads the entries by the tens of thousands of participants. The winner is every one who reaches 50,000 words. It is a nice goal that hopefully inspires lots of people to finally sit down and actually write that novel that has been in their head for years.

Such a novel is in my head as well; potentially more than one, even. So this year I participated in nanowrimo. Quickly it became clear that I would not reach the 50 thousand words by far. I did get to half of that, 26,245 to be exact. As is this roughly 26,245 words more than at the beginning of the month, I am very satisfied. I liked doing this and it has whet my appetite, so I plan to happily continue writing. The story is not nearly finished and I long to know how it ends.

It is a fantasy story. All main characters are dragons. If you don't think this is interesting, you should not read on. If this does not scare you, you can read a small English preview of the story (PDF, 3 pages) and let me know what you think. Note that if you can read Dutch, you should read the larger original Dutch preview (PDF, 8 pages). I wanted to translate more, but stopped as this distracted me from finishing the Dutch version, which could in itself take some years still. Also, the preview is not the beginning of the book, as I wanted to show a more interesting part of the story; this probably means I should write a more interesting beginning. I can then translate that for a preview instead.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome via the contact form.