Iñaki Maurtua: Beyond pre-programmed robots for repetitive tasks

published Oct 06, 2023

Keynote talk by Iñaki Maurtua at Plone conference 2023, Plone conference 2023, Eibar, Basque Country

I work at Tekniker. We research and build modern industrial products for lots of sectors.

My talk is about robotics. What is a robot. You may think of a machine in a factory doing repetetive tasks. Or a human-like robot or insect-like cars moving over uneven terrain.

What can a robot learn? They can learn how to move, understand a scene, interact with humans, collaborate with humans and robots. Learn to manipulate objects. Learn to assemble objects, with kinaesthetic learning (you move the robot arm) or mimic learning (you move your arm, robot mimics you). We coordinate the HARTU project that researches this.

Innovate with an eye to the future, exploiting the intermediate results achieved.

[Sorry, hard to summarise, but cool to watch.]