Lightning talks Thursday

published Oct 05, 2023

Lightning talks Thursday at Plone conference 2023, Eibar, Basque Country.

Luistxo: The eibartarrak, gun toting ruffians

Eibartarrak are the people from Eibar. You probably expected to find some Spanish seaside resorts here, as in the propaganda on the conference site. Still, there is #PrettyEibar. Eibar in 1937: Francist soldiers destroyed the whole town, except for the church. So we had to build it all back. It is in progress. But it's the people that matter. Eibar in 1346 a Castilian king told us to build a town. What is the X that appears all over town? It is Saint Andrew's cross, which also comes back in the flag of Scotland. It is a poor geographical area, nothing grows on the slopes, we live in a hole. From the 15th century on, Eibar was making guns. For the government, not personal use. That was my dad's first job, making guns. If you can make guns, you can make bikes, they are tubes of metal after all. Also creating cork screws, staplers, other household materials. Helmholtz electronics. G93: realtime cycling tracking, comes from Eibar.

And CodeSyntax does Plone, fully i18n-ized thanks to Erral. It's the people that matter.

Reminder: at tonight's party, I am the DJ.

Julien Chandelle (jimbiscuit): shortcut pattern bookmark

Extension for Plone. Add shortcuts / bookmarks. Available on Chrome browser.

Philip Bauer: Plone Tagung 2024

March 4-6 2024, followed by community sprint. In Giessen. Most talks are in German, but happy to have English talks. See

Eric Steele: Unsung Hero

A person stepped up to fill a vital role for Plone. Largely doing so on their own. Who? There are several of you here. Single points of failure for Plone. We lean heavily on you. It is a Plone community problem. It happens everywhere. Cloning would be great, but two Freds would just debate each other to death. We had the 10% Plone Manifesto, where 10% of the time of Plone companies would be for Plone.

We again have Plone TuneUps. One day a month. You get an education and a warm glow. We need not just coders, also project managers, documentation writers, people who do not know Plone. Send me an email or register, link on

David Glick: Ideas I don't have time to build

  1. Easier input of smart quotes and EM dashes in Volto.
  2. TUS uploads (progressive uploads)
  3. Blocks import/export as markdown
  4. Editor discussions: discuss revisions to documents.
  5. ChatGPT: generative Plone text
  6. Editor dashboard: show content that you edited recently, content that has not changed in a while.
  7. Don't restrict ids. You can't name something 'image', or give it the name that is used as catalog index.
  8. collective.exportimport: separate file for each item
  9. docker image with unreleased changes from coredev (Erico: there is a nightly image)
  10. consistent command line, whether you use docker or something else

Elisabeth and Martin: iMio and OSOR

iMio is finalist of the OSOR awards: Open Source Observatory of the European Commission. iMio serves 404 local initiatives. Please vote for us.

Erico and Kim: Board election

There is an election for the Plone Foundation board. You still have one hour to nominate yourself.

Foundation members will get an email on how they can vote.


If you don't get voted in, please try again next year. It is not a popularity contest.

Kim: Plone Foundation sponsorship

We have a bunch of sponsors, listed on our sites. I did a poor job of updating the list this year. You can also sponsor individually via GitHub. We pay for all kinds of stuff with this money, like some servers.

We also have a Plone service provider list. We want to open up this list for everyone, without needing to pay anything. Contact us, email me.

Fred: Website Team

We have a Website Team in the Foundation? No, we don't. We have teams involved: AI team, Marketing team, PloneConf team, Release team, Volto team, Release managers, etc. But who actually maintains Nobody does. Members from the other teams are standing in. is not a one-off project: worked on it, shipped it, done. No, it is ongoing.

We need a small pool of available developers to work on this, maybe 4-12 hours a month. I like to give training, but we need some experience on a Website Team first. We need a few hands to maintain this site.

Full CI/CD is already there, so that helps. Talk to me, Rikupekka, Erico.