Lightning talks Wednesday

published Oct 04, 2023

Lightning talks on Wednesday at the Plone conference 2023 in Eibar, Basque Country.

Luistxo from CodeSyntax: Count von Count speaks Basque

Counting 1 to 10: bat, bi, hiru, lau, bost, sei, zazpi, zortzi, bederatzi, hamar. Eskerrik asko!

Dylan and Jon: Is Plone 6 Mach?

What is Mach? New buzzword gimmick. An alliance of mainly CMS vendors. Promise: scalability, flexibility, innovation, improved performance. Micro services, API first, Cloud-hosted, Headless.

Yes, Volto is API first. No, Plone Classic and Volto are not headless. But you can plug a front-end into the REST API. Microservices: no, it is a big monoliths, but you could add logic in micro services. Cloud native: yes (ish). Could be SAAS, though no one is offering this at the moment.

Let's go MACHO: Open source.

Karel: true costs of migration

In South Africa there is no power 24 hours a day, which actually means water is a problem. So we got a filtration system, but got into unexpected problems. That can happen during Plone migrations as well. You have expected and quantifiable costs, but also probable and/or unquantifiable costs. Do integrations work? Can the team be onboarded easily? What will you do once you find out what you did not know at the beginning? Migration may not be the best answer, but can be very expensive.

Code Syntax: #PrettyEibar competition

Take pictures from Eibar, post on Twitter/X/Mastodon, tag with #ploneconf2023, on Friday the winner will get a delicious price.

Fred van Dijk: "Lies to children"

You should try Terry Pratchett's parody fantasy novels. He also wrote "The science of Disc world" with two scientists. This introduced "lies to children". Lying is part of education. You tell that everything consists of tiny blocks, keeping it simple, but then you get to protons, electrons, Maxwell, snares, etc.

Let's market Plone 6 and 7. As developers we try to answer stupid questions honestly. Should be store everything in one big container? Developers: noooo! But maybe for test driving Plone it is okay. One click install to Plone! That is marketing.

Alexander Loechel: eduTAP

Bridging online identity for reliable and trustworthy service access. From eduGAIN and eduroam to eduTAP. Tap to pay, tap to open a door, not tapping a beer. Vision of European Commission: mobility for students should be as smooth as possible. Plastic cards for this is old. We are going to an interoperable campus card. A common ID for all education world wide. This works with wallet apps on your phone. Deliverables: core, libs, docs, central service directory.

Manabu Terada: PoC for LLM search on Plone

Want to search on sentences within an Intranet Plone. Basics of LLM vector search. The PoC worked, but not yet in Plone. So create a few index class, inherited from ZCTextIndex.

Package: Repo and name may change. Sample package requires a GPU, did not work on my Mac M1.

Also: PyCon APAC 2023 is in Tokyo Japan, 27-28th.

Michael McFadden: demo search on in Basque with Nuclia

It works!

Erico Andrei: a bunch of (crazy) ideas

Ideas that need some implementation, will pay with beer.

  1. Move your add-on tests to pytest, using pytest-plone
  2. Move my add-on.
  3. Add new features to plone.api. We had features in 2013. Ten years later we have the same features plus relations. Nothing else. Add for example api for vocabularies.
  4. Create an add-on that stores blobs on an object store: S3, mini, etc. CloudFlare and Thumbor do stuff as well.
  5. Implement a Volto block of every entry in the list of available blocks.
  6. ActivityPub support for Plone.
  7. Make the most innovative implementation of a new plone.distribution.

Johannes Raggam: Debug javascript in classic Plone

It is documented in the mockup readme:

Basically: start the development server of mockup, get the url, paste it in the plone bundle in the Resource Registries. Then add debugger; somewhere in the mockup javascript.