Alexandros Kanterakis: PyPedia

published May 11, 2012

Alexandros Kanterakis talks about PyPedia, at PyGrunn.

See the PyGrunn website for more info about this one-day Python conference in Groningen, The Netherlands.

PyPedia is the free programming environment that everyone can edit. It uses the Google App Engine (GAE). You can execute Python code on that website. The GAE is a sandboxed, restricted environment, so: no, you cannot delete all files on the system.

Usually, when you search for the solution for some programming problem, you either find a page that executes the code, or you can see the source code but have to download it and run it yourself, or you find documentation. On PyPedia you get all three.

On the home page you see some code, for example this:

Hanoi_towers(5, True)

You can run it right there. Hanoi_towers is an article on the PyPedia wiki. The source code of that article gets executed.

You can create an account, login and create your own articles.

With the pypedia package you can on your own computer import code from the PyPedia website. You can also easily download the code of an article and run it.

You can give other users permission to edit your articles. You can fork articles, just like in

All content is under the Simplified BSD License.

Good content with unit test can be put in the validated methods section.

You can use PyPedia for open science. A complete analysis can be hosted so your findings can be reproduced. PyPedia offers a REST interface:

The python code here must be urlencoded. Other option: run_code.

Future plans: attract communities, add content. Some presentations are planned at conferences.

The code is here: