Rob Gietema: Plone conference 2012

published May 04, 2012

Rob Gietema introduces the Ploneconf at the Plone Open Garden.

More info about PLOG 2012:

The Plone conference 2012 will be helt in Arnhem, The Netherlands. This is a city of about 150,000 people, so everything is basically within walking distance.

There is enough space for everyone, we have several rooms available for various audience sizes. The party will also be helt there. There is food and coffee near all rooms.

Wyn Williams will setup the wireless internet. We are actually getting a new fiber connection on the conference venue.

Airports: Amsterdam (Schiphol) is at about an hour by train from Arnhem. Rotterdam and Düsseldorf are also near.

We will have two days of training, three days of conference, two days of sprints.

Most people in The Netherlands can speak English fairly well.

Rooms are available, but there are is also a big concert stadium nearby, which can lead to more people in hotels, so do book soon. If no rooms are available anymore, contact us and we are glad to help. We can also hire a large boat for this occasion where you can sleep.

If you want to do a presentation like this one on for example your local python group or university, contact us so we can help.