Plog Wednesday morning

published May 02, 2012

What are some of the topics in the Plone Open Garden in Sorrento?

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Guido Stevens: a social approach to Plone

No real social networking support in Plone currently. Web 2.0 is less state driven, more event driven. I tried approaching this with ZeroMQ. Downside is that you need to setup extra services outside of Plone. You need to store this somewhere. You need to integrate it within Plone. You can pull it in using a view, but can you search it?

For a client I have built a activity/discussion stream on the front page, which was basically just under the hood. You can do similar stuff with favorites/likes. Let's just see how far we come with this low hanging fruit, just using standard content types. For thousands of users this may not scale and you may need to use other solutions outside of Plone, but that is not the initial use case we are after. A suite.

Matt: we have something similar at NetSight. Danger may be performance: it only starts begin interesting with enough users, but then performance may become a problem.

Fred: make storage flexible, so for small cases you can just annotate the Plone Site root, and for larger cases you use a separate Data.fs


Our main website is It tries to appeal to developers, decision makers, users, everyone. Last year the Plone Foundation acquired We want to use this to show people why they should use Plone. It could be just twenty pages of content, translated into various languages. Leading this effort are: me, Mark Corum, Carol Ganz.

Two things to do here:

  • A feature list of Plone. The old hands take a lot of things for granted, like the permission system, or being able to drag a folder somewhere else. Also, go through these features and see whether they are interesting for developers or end users.
  • Show case sites. Show some good examples that give a good idea of what you can do with Plone.

Maurizio: Case management

A bit of a business buzzword currently. Gathering information about a case (health, jurisdictional, etc), determing what it is. Plone probably has 90 percent of what is needed already out of the box.

Matt: blogs

Make Plone blogging a bit more like Wordpress blogging. Just have a nice overview with a big button 'Add blog post'. Sometimes it is just terminology. Maybe make a product with a skin that turns Plone almost into WordPress. You don't have to patch Plone every week for a new security fix. Usually for our customers of course we already have Plone, so using a blog in Plone means we do not have to add an extra technology stack.

Guido: Plone Innovation Awards

An idea that may be used in the Plone Conference in Arnhem. Have an awards website where you can nominate new technologies or solutions that have surfaces in Plone. Maybe use twitter for voting. Have a ceremony at the conference.

Giampiero: Google Docs

Google Docs is not always an acceptable solution, but sending around Word files edited in Windows and Mac and Linux via email is also not always working; I have seen lots of problems, like not being able to view it anymore. Something like that would be good in Plone. There is some xmpp stuff from Jarn.