PLOG social demos

published May 02, 2012

A few demos about social stuff in Plone.

More info about PLOG 2012:

Guido Stevens: plonesocial demo

This is not yet on PyPI.

  • plonesocial.activitystream: portlets and a view to show activities (like object creation) in the site, plus microblog if it is installed
  • plonesocial.microblog: post twitter-like updates
  • plonesocial.suite: combine this in a bundle that you can add in your buildout.

Matt Hamilton: our approach to social wanted some social stuff. We installed Intracore, some stuff we usually add to intranets; not yet open source, waiting for some legal stuff and some refactoring. Technically it is separately installed in MySQL for performance reasons.

Not every website needs top performance. So some adapters that allow you to choose a back end that fits your needs would be good.

Blindly adding some social sauce does not work. People need to want to use their intranet of their own free will, otherwise they will just avoid it after a while. It should help them with their tasks. It needs to fulfill business goals.

If Plone is lacking in the social area (or any area) it can be because no one has really needed it so far. But some people may be avoiding Plone because it does not support all this stuff out of the box yet (or with an add-on). It is the same for example for supporting CMIS. But see