Summary of Plone Open Garden 2012

published May 04, 2012

Summary of the PLOG 2012 in Sorrento.

More info about PLOG 2012:

  • Maurizio: activity for has started. We should be able to do more this month. Should be live before the next conference. We also added some info to Talked about creating some bundles of often used products.
  • Guido: I started out here with a working prototype of plonesocial.activitystream, based on But there were concerns about performance. We started with the lower end. We experimented with, which should help to avoid write lock contention when there are lots of updates on the sites. In the code we can now override the storage, to use our own data structures if needed. The async stuff breaks on a low level though. So we now have a bug reported upstream. We also discussed following/liking/favoriting people, users, pages, other content. So currently we are building on native Plone functionality. We need to be more strict on security, partly just checking that this works as expected. More info: and
  • Simone: working on collective.geo. We worked on settings in the control panel. We made it more user friendly. We wrote more documentation, using Sphinx. Final result: currently broken, so a bit of patience please. Also, see collective.geo.usersmap on github. More info: and
  • Giampiero: worked on a comparative list between Plone and WordPress. Writing about how to migrate from WordPress to Plone, good for people really new to Plone. It is basically a map into the Plone world. Can be good for helping people move to Plone, even if it is just because their boss forces them. Help them make connections, give them some links so they can find their way. More info:
  • Matt: we brain stormed a feature list of Plone. I am working on distilling this into a more structured form.
  • David Siedband: we discovered that when migrating to Plone 4, you loose versioning information for files and images during the blob migration. Looking at if this information is then still available somewhere so it can be fixed.