Lightning talks Friday

published Oct 16, 2015

Lightning talks on Friday at the Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

Jens Klein and Christine Baumgartner: Castle Sprint

A message from the prince. Castle in Goldegg, near Vienna. Next year Plone is fifteen years old. We will go back to our foundations. We will organize another Castle Sprint, with Phil Auersberg. We will announce more at the end of the year. Sprint will be around end Spetember, beginning October next year. Will be a small invent. We will be sure to invite Alex Limi and others.

Sven Strack: tests documentation. Uses docker with properly configured Sphinx installed. With this in combination with mr.butler I have started testing the plone core packages. I will start sending mails to the last committer when you broke the package.

Joel Lambilotte: IMIO

Created by Belgian government. We write Plone software for local authorities. An organization was needed so we can share software: local authorities usually do not do this, as they are competing with each other. IMIO has more than 240 members, more than 60 percent of the Walloon communities.

Chris Lozinski

Zope ZMI sprint starting today. Demonstration of the J templating language.

Christine Baumgartner: Alpine City Sprint

At the end of January, welcome in the Alps!

Gil Forcada: World Plone Office Day

Each last Friday of the month: work on Plone. We have entry-level tasks ready so newcomers can join. Talk about it on social media, get on irc. You can meet with each other, maybe join forces with a few companies that day. Thanks!

Philip Bauer: migration of custom types

Plone is awesome. Say you have a custom archetypes content type. Install Your custom type is still editable. On the new content types you can enable all kinds of behavior, so you want this for your content type too. You go to the @@custom_migration view, select your old content type, a new content type, some fields to migrate, and Plone will migrate your content items.

There is no need to write custom migrations yourself, just use this, and report issues if you encounter them, and we will help you.

Simone Orsi, Matt Hamilton: Plone Open Garden

PLOG is the best way to get in touch with the Plone community. We organize it every year in the Italian spring. Speakers, a garden to talk about Plone, sprinting. What is Plone for you? Find out in Sorrento! Family oriented event, you can bring wife, husband, kids.

Eric Brehault: Empowering users

We have a powerful theming tool, excellent, good. But users need more. They need to be able to create dynamic blocks, insert those into the page. They can do html, Python, but don't know viewlets, portlets, tiles, thingies. Now they can use Rapido. Rapido extends the theming editor. Create a folder, add html, simple python, use Diazo or Mosaic to include it, and it is going to work. You can use plone.api in your python code. It has a ready-to-use json backend, with full REST api. You can add content rules with hooks for it.

Jonas Baumann: ftw FTW

At 4teamwork we have made some handy tools for testing.

With ftw.builder you can easily create content and users in tests.

ftw.testbrowser allows to use lxml and css selectors in your tests. Also use browser.debug() to open the page in a real browser.


Victor Fernandez de Alba: new

Showing the current state of the new that is under construction. We will still integrate several stats, like github commits. Contributor profiles. We will work more on this during the sprint.

Maik Derstappen: CMS Garden

CMS Garden is a foundation, a joint venture of open source CMSes. We did quite a lot of events. Bigger than Microsoft and Telekom at the German LinuxTag for example. Starting 30 October this year we will have our first 'unconference' in Essen, Germany. Welcome to our garden!

We have produced a brochure with information on open source CMSes. If you are interested in organizing something in your own country, contact us.