Lightning talks Wednesday

published Oct 14, 2015

Lightning talks on Wednesday at the Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

Alin Voinea: Docker

Running Plone on Docker. See if you do not know what Docker is. It works:

docker run eeacms/plone:4.3.7

Add a .yml file with configuration to add add-ons.

Also images with Postgres (RelStorage), Jenkins, Postfix, haproxy, etc.

Paul Roeland: Sprints

Sprints are basically an invention of the Python and particularly the Plone community. A sprint is the quickest way to get into the Plone community. Really nice, really empowering, really do it.

Base rules:

  • Everybody is welcome, no matter what your skill set or skill level is.
  • Everybody is useful, everybody can contribute. If you don't know enough, you can follow the documentation and tell us what is missing.
  • Nobody is too important to interrupt. This includes rock stars.
  • Learning and confidence are the best outcomes. Working code is a nice bonus.
  • Write down what you are doing.

Themes to sprint on:

  • Upgrade add-ons to Plone 5. Start on it, see where it goes wrong, document this.
  • Mockup and Patternslib: create new patterns.
  • New website. Really soon now.
  • Please no Mosaic or other future stuff, get our baseline really good first. I must be strict on this one.

We have cookies and free lunch.

Andreas Jung: XML Director

Mounting different storages into one Plone. Put files into xml database with for example Webdav, and have them visible in Plone directly. Or put it in Dropbox. Or Amazon S3.

Base package: xmldirector.plonecore

Manabu Terada: Plone Symposium Tokyo

Plone Symposium Tokyo was in June this year. 67 participants, one day conf, one day sprints with 15 people. Keynotes by Eric Steele and Tres Seaver. Educational panel. We published an article about this, made a banner and flyer for Plone 5. I want to make a new market in Japan. Next Symposium: no idea yet. Please let me know if this is a good idea.

PyCon JP was last weekend. 600 participants, three tracks.

Tokyo is fantastic city. English is okay. NOT expensive now. It is safe, come!

Eric Brehault: Plone reloader extension

Chrome extension: Click the Plone logo to reload code, go to ZMI, put Diazo off or on debug mode.

Ramon Navarro Bosch: Owncloud integration

Owncloud, like dropbox. Give address of Plone Site, give username and password. Your site is then synced with Owncloud. Live demo.

Eric Steele: Greatest Plone 5 features

I forgot these this morning:

  • Thanks Sven and Paul for Including Plone 4 and 5 branch of the docs.
  • Translatable via Transifex.
  • with good training material. Free courseware so you can learn Plone on your own time, or sell it as a Plone class you are giving.

Kim and Christina: was released in March. Used for marketing. High level decision makers. We would like them to see this first. is the community site. But is for the people who 'buy' Plone. Lots of people worked on it. It has features of Plone, success stories, provider listings.

Success stories are about how other people are using Plone. We can help you get information set up here in a good way. You still have to write the story, but we can help. We will be adding faceted navigation, to drill down to government, health, etc.

Provider section: get yourself on here. Currently still cheap. Money goes to sponsoring of the Plone Foundation.

We have a Plone 5 demo site. We could use more. Get it over to us.

We can use more help on it.

Chris Lozinski: ZODB, etc

We could port to Pyramid, we could integrate Zope, big job. We could reinvigorate the Zope community. Anyone who wants to work on that, join me this weekend.

Robert Niederreiter: Dexterity behaviors and Mosaic

A possible scenario for content creation.

Content currently needs to be of a predefined type. But we have Mosaic now, dexterity behaviors with their own views, viewlets and tiles. We can assign these per content instance: collective.instancebehaviors. Dexterity add-forms would need to get possibility to assign behaviors.

Then we could have only Item and Folder types, and do everything on add and edit forms.

Maurits van Rees: zest.releaser


Use --no-input if you don't want to press Enter all the time.

Johannes Raggam: Zope 4

Plone still depends on Zope2 2.13. Zope 4 is being worked on. I created a PLIP to use this, and for now an experimental.zope4 package, with a buildout that you can try.

Probably lots of tests break, but Plone 5 can start up.