Lightning talks Thursday

published Oct 15, 2015

Lightning talks on Thursday at the Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

[I missed the first lightning talks.]

Fred van Dijk: Non technical talk

Our marketing posters are now not only lists of features, but they get a feeling across, like: Plone cares about you. Thank you, marketing team and whoever worked on this.

Imposter syndrome: other people know much much more than I do, so I will keep my mouth shut and not do a lightning talk.

Well... sometimes you actually are incompetent. Don't go from incompetent to overconfident.

Read this book by Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, fast and slow. Don't read too much at the same time. Biggest take-away: two systems to create thoughts. Subconscious or active, which both are very valuable at their time.

Dylan Jay: hostout.docker

I presented hostout years ago, we still use it. Sets up python, server, custom packages. You can have one big mega buildout and deploy parts to different servers.

We have now added Docker support. Run:

bin/hostout app01 docker

JC Brand: converse.js

In Arnhem I gave a talk on xmpp integration in Plone. Afterwards I took a part of that and created converse.js. The xmpp server delegates authentication to the Plone Site, using this javascript. So you can authenticate as username@plonesite.domain.

Chris Ewing: collective.isotope

On our Jazkarta site, we have a projects folder. We want visitors to be able to filter through this list. We use the isotope library for this. [Looks nice!]

Config panel where you can arrange filters, sorting, layout.

I would love to have this as a javascript pattern instead, I would happily use that.

Antonio: cloud deployment

Cloud deployment of a Plone 5 cluster on multiple hosts. Plone 5 docker images eeacms/plone and eeacms/zeo. Rancher on top for the multiple hosts.