Roadmap of Plone open space

published Oct 16, 2015

Roadmap of Plone open space at the Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

[I missed the first part. Lunch!]

Marketing and branding. Well done in Plone 5. Always room for improvement. Board will talk about this, but it is a community job. At Sorrento and later the Board talked about maybe hiring someone to do branding globally, but currently this is not done, we were busy with Plone 5. Sometimes people volunteer, but then do not follow up on it. There can be no one, global marketing message: every country or area has different needs, different ways of communicating what we are. You can edit the posters for your own country, see The message we send out has become less technical and more humanized, which has been well received.

Paragon has just been revived, we will have a list of add-ons that of general interest, high usability, and Plone 5 compatible.

Diversity. Membership committee would like to have more diverse members of the Plone Foundation. Technical skills are not required to become a member. Good to give demos to various persons, so they can get addicted to our community. I head that the first two training days were very good for newcomers, but some then had problems following the talks by all these crazy technical people. But we had hardly any people registered for the web master and end-user training. Reach out to people: we want you here at the conference. You may get more local people for this part, for talks about basic Plone things, you may not travel half the world for that. Note that lots of developers don't know what they can do with Collections and just code it themselves using the catalog, they can benefit a lot from training. Having a 'better half' (family) track on conferences would be good.

Documentation: synchronization between Plone 5 release and documentation would have been good, even simply some notes that most add-ons will not be ready yet. For plips: require to add documentation. Plips should have a skeleton that already has this documentation. Sven and Paul cannot write everything.

Installers. For Windows it is hard. Steve is working on something. He can use help. A system sanity check would be good, at least for missing libraries that we cannot install ourselves in the installer. Maybe something like that is already in there. We have a big download button on, but having a button for the cloud would be good too. Sven says this is almost ready. Maybe have a distribution with several good add-ons on it, but who is going to maintain this list and the distribution?

Communication. is available, as alternative for irc. Experimental. for community discussions and for example for team notes. Email is not really working there, at least not replying, currently. The developer mailing list is still there.

Enterprise search and ZCatalog. We recommend collective.solr. But alm.solrindex also works, right? And has for years. Can be on the recommended list as well, so create a pull request for the docs.