Sprint status update Saturday

published Oct 17, 2015

Sprint status update Saturday at the Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

plone.org: several tickets fixed, Github integration login to plone.org (awesomatic), carousel responsive, we are going to upgrade to Plone 5.

Javascript, patterns: we merged the tests of mockup into patternslib and they all pass, debugging an issue with modals (config of first modal overrides all other modals), working on toggle pattern, autofocus pattern.

Adjusting drop-down menus to Plone 5.

Started porting to Plone 5: PloneGlossary, loginlockout, PloneKeywordManager, sc.sociallike, collective.disqus, collective.geo (control panel is super magic, so we need help there).

Fixed i18n issues in CMFPlone, fixed link in Plone front page translations.

New installer has graphical user interface, screenshots in docs.plone.org. Cleanup DNS, infrastructure for upcoming plone.org.

Documenting basic dexterity usage with a screen cast.

Plomino 1 to 2 design migration.

docs.plone.org: include plone.app.event, new way for robot screen shots in CI with PhantomJS instead of Firefox (far less irritating: not having browser windows pop up all the time). Cleaning up posters, nice version in Illustrator. Role-up template (the standup posters).

Accessibility: several improvements; Max found out the reason why our toolbar was not working, basically we were using aria-hidden instead of expanded.

Marketing of Quaive (Plone Intranet).

plone.app.contenttypes custom migration changes for using on Plone 4.


plone.app.multilingual on Plone 4 with Archetypes.

I once followed a white rabbit into the world of Plone, lost in Wonderland. Searching for the big picture. Now working on an organogram of how Plone works. Explaining Plone from the outside. Let us think of Plone as a business of cars: where do you get cars from, road, passengers, taxi drivers (editors), fleet management of several Plone Sites, salesmen, car companies. Which teams belong in there and which roles do they have? What is done for a new car/Plone version? Research for new content type frameworks.

Plone 5 upgrade guide is being worked on, please continue adding documentation or report issues. Document your troubles and your solutions.