Annual membership meeting Plone Foundation

published Oct 19, 2017

Annual membership meeting of the Plone Foundation at the Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona.

Plone Foundation president Paul Roeland presents the report of the past board year. Documents can be found on

There were lots of sprints, most of them sponsored by the Foundation.

Eric Steele was interviewed by podcast init, which you should listen to.

At you can by stuff from Amazon and have Amazon give a percentage to the Plone Foundation, at no cost to you.

Sad is that long time Python organiser Jean Ferri from Brasil passed away.

Financials. Summary: we are doing fine, and can afford to spend a bit more. We would like more sponsorships, like providers on

The entire current board nominate themselves for the new board, and there are unfortunately no other candidates, so we can have an easy vote.

Erico motions to approve the candidates. Maurits seconds this motion. Philip and Alexander abstain. Otherwise everyone says aye. The old board is hereby the new board.

Erico: Is the Foundation supporting bitcoin donations? The Free Software Foundation does.

Paul: Not at the moment. Depends on our bank account.

Matthew: Does the Foundation have an environmental policy?

Paul: We have recommendations. For this conference it does not really work, also because we have a caterer.

Paul: We may want to open up the Plone Foundation to family and friends, like guillotina and Pyramid. Pyramid lacks a legal framework currently. This needs careful reflection before we do anything, but the board is initially open and positive to it.

Paul: We are sometimes in difficult discussion with the Zope Foundation, which does not technically exist anymore, linked to the Zope Corporation, which technically does not exist. So the situation is unclear. We are working on it.

Philip: At Zope sprint in Halle there was consensus to unwind the Zope Foundation and incorporate everything in the Plone Foundation.

Alexander motions to adjourn the meeting and go party. Fred seconds. All say aye.

Thank you and have a great party. Party responsibly and be there tomorrow at nine for the keynote speaker.

Oh, there were two proposals for the next Plone conference. The board did due diligence and found that only one was viable. It will be announced tomorrow.