Sprint wrap-up Sunday

published Oct 22, 2017

Wrap-up from Sunday of the sprints at the Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona.

Sprint document is on Google Docs.

  • Pyramid: a few more documentation updates.
  • Plone and Zope 4. Down to seven failing tests, very good. Everything is merged, the master branch of CMFPlone is using Zope4, the PLIP job is gone.
  • Plone to Python 3. We decides to use six, which is a dependency of Zope anyway. Lots of PRs. Experimenting with sixer, which 'sixifies' the code automatically. GenericSetup: slowly working through incompatibilities.
  • Plone rest api. Some issues solved. plone.app.event stores start and end date timezone aware, and the rest of the dates are timezone naive, and there is no hint in the schema on what is naive or not, so that gives us problems, evaluating how to fix it.
  • VueJS SDK. Implementing traversal. Creating edit forms out of schema. You can add views with a plugin. Automatic testing with Travis is setup. Next: component. Editor.
  • Pastanaga Angular. plone/pastanaga-angular. Demo time! mr.developer work done.
  • Pastanaga.io, creating mocks.
  • Guillotina, made pastanaga-angular work with guillotina, you can login, browse content, navigation. guillotina_cms layer. Robot framework tests, with robotframework.guillotina for test setup.
  • Plone CLI. I can show you. Main setup is in place. plonecli create addon collective.todo; plonecli build; plonecli serve. Or in one command: plonecli create addon collective.todo build serve.
  • WSGI in plone.recipe.zope2instance. All merged. Python 3 compatible.
  • websauna. Pyramid 1.9 support is 100% done. In another week we can release a new version.
  • pas.plugins.ldap. Problem that tests are not running on Travis. We now know what is happen, but not yet why, when half a year ago it worked. We got LDAP running locally on Mac, so it becomes easier to test and fix.
  • docs.plone.org upgrade guide, just came in, documented one PLIP.
  • JSON Schema Builder with JavaScript. Demo time! You can click a form together, save it as json, and view it with Angular. From there you could save or mail the filled in data. You can do validation. We have collective.easyform which is Plone only, but this is more general: it's just json on the back end and front end. [Very impressive!]
  • Update XML-RPC to support dexterity. First pull request done.
  • Mixed bag. Removed all robot screen shots from documentation, they live under CMFPlone now, making it easier for others to write and test. Mixed results from Chrome and PhantomJS, also changing from version to version. With that, for papyrus, our documentation build system, we no longer need to build Plone.