Lightning talks Friday

published Oct 20, 2017

Lightning talks on Friday at the Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona.

Andreas Jung: Collaborative content creation with smashdocs

Web based collaborative editor. Better than Google docs: it can be hosted by yourself. Intelligent documents. HTML and XML export. Tracking of changes. Chat and discussion. Docx import and export Integrates with the Plone sharing tab. Content life cycle indicator.


Naoki Nakanishi: Microcontrollers and Plone

I work at CMScom and I like IoT (Internet of Things). Microcontrollers can connect to Plone easily. This is because Plone has RESTful API products. We program the microcontrollers with the MicroPython language. This has the useful urequest and ujson modules. It supports many microcontrollers. I have a rough concept, but I will start to develop this from tomorrow.

Maik Derstappen: bobtemplates.plone

I have been working on bobtemplates.plone:

mrbob bobtemplates.plone:addon -O collective.todo

You can now actually add a content type in an existing package, using a sub template. It will currently overwrite code, so you want to start with a clean git checkout.

See my talk this afternoon.

Unrelated: Plone Tagung 2018 is planned on 20 March in Berlin. Main topics of this conference will be in German, but if others want to join in English, you are welcome.

Érico Andrei: several packages

  • contentrules.slack: post to a slack channel when something happens in your Plone Site.
  • collective.selectivelogin: restrict login

Alexander and Sally: Plone 5 add-ons

We had nominations and votes for Plone 5 add-ons. We had problems with losing the papers where you could vote, so this is with a grain of salt. The top results:

  1. plone.restapi
  2. eea.facetednavigation
  4. collective.easyform

On we have a list of add-ons which are managed by hand. There is a list of Plone releases, where the versions are not sorted right (alphabetically, so 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, etc). So this needs to be improved. During Google Summer of Code work was done here, getting information from PyPI. It still needs work, especially design work can help a lot, to present is nicer.

Nathan and Ramon: Docker, guillotina

Docker Compose is the new buildout? This might be a pattern that works for you.

We have a CMS on top of guillotina:

Lots of other packages:

Charles Beebe: Inclusion > Diversity

Inclusion is more than diversity.

Thank you all, this is my first Plone conference and I felt welcome. I never thought I would feel comfortable to do a presentation the first time I came to a conference.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable during a conference?

You may 'cover' yourself, hiding something of you. That does not help. Even 45 percent of white males in America do this. Do you make people feel at home? It does not have to be complicated. I got a cake from my colleagues when I got engaged.

Philip: Plone 2020

Plone 5.1 master branch with small changes works on Zope 4.

In Brasil Paul Everitt said: "You are dragging the dead body of Zope with you." In 2020 Python 2 is no longer supported.

We investigated and found out that Zope is actually not dead. Plone 5.2 will use Zope 4, discussed yesterday.

Plone minus Archetypes minus ZServer plus Python 3 will be some Plone version.

Some sprint will focus on this area:

  • Alpine City Sprint Innsbruck in January 2018
  • Amsterdam Spring 2018

Where we are now, felt impossible in Brasil 2013.

Roel Bruggink: demo of Plone

Plone demo, logging in, view documents, view history, view changes, edit, site setup, display menus.

What you see here, is bits of Pastanaga and bits of React front end.

Oshane: Plone theme editor

I worked on the theme editor during the GSOC (Google Summer of Code). I will give a demo. Contextual menu for renaming or moving files. Find a file by its name, or find text within files and go to that exact line. Drag and drop files. Import rapido apps.

Mikko Hursti: list customisation

I worked on improving the list customisation using mosaic during the GSOC.

See my final report.

Manabu Terada: Plone conference 2018 Tokyo

The Plone conference 2018 is going to be in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo does not start with a B, but it has a Bay area, so is it okay?

Two years ago, we had the Plone Symposium Tokyo. PyconJP 2017 in September had lots of visitors.


  • English OK? Yes
  • Expensive? No, food and hotel not. Taxi, sushi, beer: a bit.
  • Safe? Yes. In 2020 we have Olympic Games.

See you next year in Tokyo, 5 to 11 November.

Ramon and Victor: Goodbye

Thank you for coming, good party, good to see new faces from other communities. I hope we keep following this path of opening up to other communities. Glad that it was safe, with all that is going on in Catalunya. We are very happy about organising this.

Thank you Agata, my beautiful wife. Thank you Timo for allowing me to spend an insane amount of time on the conference. Thank you Albert Casado for the beautiful design. Thank you Kim for all your work. Thank you to sponsors, people filling the bags, Sally, Eric, volunteers, time keepers, thanks all for joining us. It was a once in a life time experience. Hope to see you soon in the Plone world.