Lightning talks Wednesday

published Oct 18, 2017

Lightning talks on Wednesday at the Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona.

Matthew Sital-Singh: Cross-device native apps with Ionic

Ionic is basically Angular2, Cordova and a UI layer. For native mobile apps.

Simple Plone Review Queue app to showcase Ionic + plone.restapi:

3D touch, barcode, etcetera.


Tom Gross: collective.sortedlisting

I recently created collective.sortedlisting. For collections and content listings, sometimes sorting by the catalog is not enough. Requirement: let editors do sorting themselves. Also mix sorted and unsorted data.


Nejc Zupan: Niteo handbook

Niteo was recently ten years old. We realised that we are open sourcing code, but not our processing. Not anymore:

Chris Shenton: Serverless Python for Astronaut Safety

NASA has hundreds of thousands of pages per month that need to be handled for text extraction. Approach: parallellise. Split PDF scan into pages. Let AWS Lambda handle them. Use S3 ObjectCreated event and S3 Upload event. I have been looking at new projects with the question: 'Will it Lambda?' Can we split this up and use Lambda for it?

Philip Bauer: collective.fieldedit

This is a flexible form to edit selected fields of a content type, instead of all of them. You can show it in a popup. It respects field permissions. It uses the default edit form and does some magic on it.


Sebastian Schietzold: CSS Regression Testing with Robot Framework

Problem: CSS on a big site. You reuse rules and page elements, and mix them, which is good, but you can easily make a fix for one page which makes another page ugly or unusable. You can test everything manually, which takes two days. Or you automate it:

  • Save screen shots of a well tested version as ground truth.
  • Test new version by comparing with previous screen shots.
  • Check if the changes are good.

We wanted to test this in a responsive way as well. Robot Framework uses Selenium, and this can do screen shots.

Comparing bitmaps is challenging. Font smoothing, maybe use better image processing.

David Bain: Plone Sprint Ideas/Topics

I have some things I would like to do during the sprint this weekend, but I can't do them all.

  • A library of Figma for Plone. It is a UI/UX development tool. Great for creating components, that you can share with the community.
  • Better avatar/profile picture support.
  • CI/CD happy path. Improve setup for Plone, like bobtemplates.plone
  • Interactive UX around link sharing
  • Create video training, for example installing Plone in a Heroku sandbox.
  • A system for theme customisation for Plone, system for porting themes over to Plone.

Alexander Loechel: what's the worst that could happen

What is the worst thing that could happen on a tech conference? On Monday, my Macbook failed, harddisk problem. Someone from the Plone community brought my spare laptop from home! The Mac store could not do what the Plone community did.

Alexander Pilz: Quaive

Demo of Quaive simultaneous editing.

Maurits van Rees: collective.recipe.backup 4.0b4

I have been working on collective.recipe.backup the past months.

  • new blob_timestamps option: blobstorage.2017-10-18-01-02-03

  • this is linked to filestorage timestamp

  • this means we canautomatically remove old blobs backups without corresponding filestorage backup

  • Coming: incremental blob backups with --listed-incremental:

  • gzip_blob option renamed to archive_blob: create tar ball

  • new compress_blob option: create gzipped tar ball

  • new default: no fullbackup script

  • Python 3 support

See the changelog.