First day sprint report

published Oct 31, 2009

Plone conference 2009

  • ZopeSkel ui has 100% test coverage now
  • folder based folder view has improved, should help get CMF 2.2 closer
  • OTTO: new logo, example package
  • getpaid: testing new branch, select currency in setup panel, got more ideas
  • roadrunner: test coverage added, newer zope.testing (need more info, please let me know), if you care about Plone 2.5 let me know; tomorrow will work on z3c.autoinclude.
  • hostout: getting tests complete, installing and initializing server, work on supervisor
  • LinguaTools: improving test coverage and fixed some bugs because of that, jquery integration.
  • Third party products for Plone 4: mr.parker to check if a package has only one owner on pypi; updating CacheSetup, Poi, AddRemoveWidget, DataGridField,, collective.classifieds, collective.discuss, Scrawl, Collage, ref browser widget, Maps, uploadify, flash upload, image editor, ploneboard.
  • Social media: moving to WordPress (joke), brainstorming, writing.
  • Versioning and CMFEditions for dexterity and East Asian Language.
  • AGX: added UML 2.2 profile support, needed for generation chain, work on transformation.
  • Singing and Dancing newletter package: closing bugs, blueprinting some new features, refactoring for features that we want, work on letting portal users and groups be subscribers.
  • Video sprint: cleaned up Plumi buildout, translated in Indonesia (also Plone 3 core), blob work (come hang out with us if you know about blobs), plonevideosuite buildout (in collective), uploadify integration, TinyMCE integration to render as a player, creative commons licenses. Tomorrow pod casting, metadata extraction, nginx.
  • Banjo: getting up to speed getting Deliverance installed and comfortable with it, looking at jqGrid for better UI integration.
  • Amberjack: finished tour number 9, fixed problems with kupu, great new things, graphical elements to make it more usable, translations for Slovenian, Italian, Spanish and Polish.
  • Plone social RPX platform for SSO, like with google, facebook. Profile editing view. Code is at bit bucket.
  • Integration of git for Plone dev tool chain. Svn upstream, git locally, caching, concept is finished and we started working, shorter-named repositories in mr.developer.
  • Limi: I have written zero lines of css today, helped people get Plone 4, lot of discussions, I released firefox 3.6 beta 1, take an image and drop it into Deco is now possible with that, ZMI security page does not lock up anymore. xdv, theme discussions.
  • xdv fixed on Plone 4.
  • Deco: some dexterity issues, fixes.
  • Blob types, LinguaPlone adding tests, ATContentTypes can remain unchanged to keep working in Plone 3 and 4.
  • Funkload used for load testing of core Plone.

Tomorrow we start at 9:00.