Sprint topics

published Oct 31, 2009

Presentation of sprint topics for the Plone Conference 2009 in Budapest

Sprint list is on the conference website: http://www.ploneconf2009.org/program/sprint

Limi's work list:

  • I am going to work on the sunburst theme, completing the css, integrate jquerytools, testing in all browsers.
  • Figure out packaging strategy for Plone 5, decide on theme selection.

Limi's wish list:

  • Our template customization story and jbot.
  • Testing and updating add-on products for Plone 4. Key to the success of Plone 4.
  • Next generation CacheFu: five.caching. CacheFu was built for Plone 2.1
  • I want LinguaPlone to love Dexterity.
  • Look into http://stackoverflow.com to answer questions instead of the plone-users list. Theme it with xdv. There are a lot of frustrated .net developers on stack overflow, so it is good if they see us.
  • QA on collective.xdv (binary eggs on Mac).
  • Reduce KSS dependency.
  • Timezone support
  • HttpOnly cookies in Plone 4
  • Make all tests exercise unicode in Plone 4. Don't just add ascii as title when testing a portlet. Add umlauts, harts, etc.
  • Scripts to build VMWare and Amazon and ISO images from the Unified Installer.
  • Nightly performance tests. See if performance suddenly drops after a recent change. Talk to me if you want a list of things to check.
  • Version ping daily or weekly to see what versions people are using. Opt-in.
  • Typogrify filter. Python script to change -- into something prettier.
  • Collections UI improvements. It is so much better in Plone 4. Rob and Geir have worked on this, so get pointers from them if you want to work on this.
  • Better commenting system
  • css improvements for plone.org and Trac
  • Marketing:
    • Get a nice Plone 4 feature overview
    • Make comparisons of Plone versus other systems. Not one-sided things; guide people into using the right tool.
    • Move plone-announce to Feedburner. We have about 500 to 1000 addresses that have to be subscribed over from plone-announce to Feedburner.
  • Clean out the issue tracker.
  • Reproduce bugs, close irrelevant ones (like for NuPlone which we are not going to fix).

Topics by others

  • Wolfgang: LinguaTools, helper set of rules which allow doing things to multiple translations of an object in one go, to avoid repetitive work. We want to make it nicer, more watertight, more modular, we want more tests.
  • David: we find E-commerce difficult. We want to make PloneGetPaid easier, and want to move it to the collective.
  • Andreas Zeidler: Plone 4 performance. Blob support, unified folders. Fix remaining bugs, update documentation about how to enable blob-related fields. If you have a large zodb with files, please donate it for testing.
  • Tom: funkload automated performance testing.
  • Tom: git integration for Plone core developers.
  • Charlie Clark: core CMF, folder listing view based on formlib
  • David Glick: Update add-on products to Plone 4; don't wait till Plone 4 is released. We can assist you now. Document common problems. Make list of products that are Plone 4 compatible.
  • Otto, an http publisher without the overhead.
  • Rob Gietema: Deco, Dexterity integration.
  • Mike Holm: develop a better presence for education, build a website to give info to groups working in the education sector.
  • Several people: make video content of first-class citizin. Plumi, p4a video, best of breed video problems, create a definitive buildout config. Plone 5 will have tiles for audio and video. Also: we have catering and coffee all day.
  • Nate Aune: Banjo, point-and-click easy theming in Plone with Deliverance. Find me with the video sprinters.
  • Dylan Jay: hostout, deploy Plone to any server you want with one command. I want Amazon ootb, figure out some best practices. Integrate with the ZopeSkel UI.
  • Amberjack, tutorial tour product. We could help some help from someone who knows kupu.
  • Ramon Navarro: multilingual, LinguaPlone for Dexterity, relations.
  • Carsten Senger: content import and export for Plone. transmogrifier. How many options are really necessary, what could the UI be.
  • Jens Klein: AGX modeling framework, python egg generation part, generate Dexterity types.
  • Chris Calloway: ZopeSkel, had a BBQ sprint three weeks ago, we have som work left from that, package up the web interface, templates for Plone 4, Dexterity, WSGI, refactored into sub packages, documentation, fix mailing list.
  • Christian Scholz, (MrTopf): social media.
  • Bruno: Singing and Dancing
  • Jordan Baker: roadrunner fast testing framework, not working so well with Plone 4 and Dexterity, we want to add tests, continuous integration server, Mac OS.
  • PloneSocial, RPX (OpenId-like)

Meet up in the hallways, the open area where we gathered the whole week, and talk to the topic leaders.